Thursday, November 17, 2011

About Me

After my marriage in 2007 to my fiancee, Christopher, I have been working from the home at sewing. My goal is to recreate as historically accurate as possible, garments from various past time periods. I specialize in the decades preceding and during the American Civil War, but I have been branching out into the 1700's, 1830s and Regency time periods as well. I create both men's and women's garments. All garments are custom and one of a kind.

As of this June, I now have a full time job, so please contact me early for your projects as my time to sew has been dramatically reduced. Please comment if you are interested in a commission.
Use to send an e-mail request and to find out more about commissioning an article.

I am also available for lectures, presentations, and for workshops. A workshop is a great way to learn how to make an item of clothing that may be too expensive to purchase. Usually, minimal sewing skills are needed and the cost is usually very affordable. All of my workshops contain thorough research, visual presentations, and use period techniques and appropriate materials. Please contact me if you would like to have a workshop with your group.

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